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Is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning an Opportunity or a Threat?

Is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning an Opportunity or a Threat?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all about computers conducting themselves like human beings. The sole purpose was to make a never-ending, long lasting connection between the machines and human beings; easing the basic to advanced day-to-day functionalities. Voice recognition, autopilot, self-driving cars, Facebook’s facial recognition, Amazon’s product recommendation and more. All these technologies are highly advanced which is beyond any doubt indispensable to us.Machine learning is a major part of the artificial intelligence as it is deep-dyed into the development of numerous computer programs which can ultimately become independent in procuring structured and unstructured data. GE Power, IBM, Facebook, Google are one of the many A-list companies that are highly dependent on machine learning.

GE Power owned by General Electric Company (GE) uses power maintenance and business operation with the help of machine learning to making it a perfect digital power plant. International Business Machines (IBM) uses Watson, a question-answering computer system based on machine learning, which is deployed in several medical centers for making accurate recommendations in cancer treatments. Facebook uses machine learning in understanding its users’ behavior, interests, workplace, and suggests friends according to these metrics. Google’s machine learning improves the search results according to a user’s query history and behavior.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: An Opportunity or Threat?

So, it is quite clear that the need of artificial intelligence and machine learning is quite crucial when it comes to creating better opportunities for mankind. We can use them in almost all fields – education and training, health and fitness, banking and finance, e-commerce and training, advertisement and marketing, etc. But the intriguing question is, is artificial intelligence and machine learning an opportunity or a threat? Let’s us look at various opportunities that we can benefit from them.

Opportunities of Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    • Historical Data

Historical data is important for every company. Many companies have a goldmine of stored data where they are left aside, untouched and unprocessed. And due to this, crucial information is lost every year. This information can help the company improve its business for example, ways to serve customers better or even the ways to convert potential leads into customers.
Companies are now using Digital Genius to get better ways to handle their customers. Digital Genius is an automated chat software which uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP), making it the best way to store data and using it to the company’s advantage by taking profitable decisions.

    • Fraud Detection

Advanced technologies such as these can easily detect any fraudulent activities. When it comes to online fraud activities, there is always a pattern which is quite impossible to identify, manually. Usually, the weakest links gets affected. Fraudster may behave like a customer with valid name and password, and ordering products which unfortunately, the real customer will be entitled to pay.
Artificial intelligence can detect these inconspicuous fraudulent actives by observing the odd behaviors and interpreting attempted fraud activities, and lastly, putting a halt to it.

    • Client Experience

Customer experience is an important element when it comes to defining a company’s business operation. Data proliferates day by day, machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve customer experience in 4 ways – empowering self-service, improving personalization, 24/7 availability, and automated assistance.

Empowering Self-Service like chatbots and virtual assistance are important as they answer common inquires asked by the customers.
Improving Personalization provides personalized content to customers which enhances their customer experience clearly seen in Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and more.
24/7 Availability is a bonus quality. Artificial intelligence and machine learning never sleeps and can help its customers 24/7. It helps the customers worldwide.
Automated Assistance helps its users in every way. Alexa is one of the best examples. You can ask Alexa to play music, dim the lights, listen to the news, control the temperature and much more.

What are the Qualities that Makes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning a Threat?


It is predicted that systems running on artificial intelligence will enhance itself and this may allow it to distribute malware. They can protect and at the same time, steal crucial data. It has been seen that these systems can also easily hack and crack encryption. A.I systems with intelligent programming can create password-cracking programs. Therefore, as the time passes by these systems can adapt learn and finally, adapt to these behaviors. Hence, hackers can easily go ahead with hacking with these AI programs and systems.

Security and Privacy

We are connected to our technology is almost every way. Technology used in our day-to-day life collects gender, age and ethnicity. From facial recognition to voice, they are easily assessed. And with these things, your state of mind is all in the open, and who better take advantage than the Government?

Our technology has our information starting with our name, address, social security number, bank transactions, ride history when using travel services like Uber and OLA and more. If these go in the wrong hands i.e., hackers can easily manipulate anything to everything.

Autonomous Weapons

Elon Musk co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla warned the UN about the risks of AI and autonomous weapons systems (intelligent systems which decides to attack independently at their own time) could cause a great damage. For example, a drone is built with a camera. Cameras can definitely recognize faces and hence, anyone can track people – making it an autonomous weapon. Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) like U-boats, drone fighter jet, these are the biggest, yet the most dangerous military weapons. They can attack targets without any human intervention.

So, I am sure this article has answered the main question here, is artificial intelligence and machine learning an opportunity or a threat? In conclusion, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be both beneficial and detrimental, unfortunately, we can’t ignore the fact these will definitely be out there, everywhere. Considering, companies and their businesses, they would need to use this with caution in order to help their business grow and at the same time, protect their crucial data.

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