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Internet Of Things is basically association of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software and sensors which allow them to collect and share data over the internet.

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Training Features

Top Industry Trainers

All our trainers are real-time industry experts. Quality of training is our primary motto and we ensure each and every program of ours are delivered by the best trainers.

Industry Relevant Curriculum

Course designed keeping in mind the present and future needs of the Industry. All our training programs are constantly updated and tuned to meet Industry requirements.

Real-Time Case Studies

Real-Time case studies and project are mandatory part of our training programs. All the assignments are designed to help students understand practical applications of the learning’s.

Flexible Schedule

With options to join classroom and online batches, you have a wide array of options in terms of batches, timing and duration allowing to you plan your learning, and achieve your carrier goals.

Feedback Management

Continuous feedback and interaction with our student community help us identify concern area and mitigate issue early on ensuring a great learning environment.

State-of-art Lab Infrastructure

Best in class Lab infrastructure to help students work on the latest assignments and project. Practical application of the learning ensures a more satisfied training.


Internet Of Things is basically association of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software and sensors which allow them to collect and share data over the internet. IOT focuses on making every day appliances and non-computing devices to get connected to the internet and with the help of various sensors collect data and share them across the net. This
information can be processed by Big Data type of application to arrive at various analytical results ranging from usage pattern of the device to user behaviors.
Quality Thought offers the best IOT Training program, and we have some of finest trainers to drive and delivery our training programs. All our trainers are real-time industry experts. Our IOT training program follows a very comprehensive curriculum with emphasis on real-time case studies and assignments. Our IOT Training program focuses on constant upgrade of technology and programming in order to at par
with the industry. The primary objective of the IOT training program is to help students and work professionals learn and master this latest technology which is of great demand in the market today and is on a constant upward move as more and more physical elements are getting connected to the Net.
Understand the complexities of IOT. How Internet of things can transform and revolutionize the world around us, allowing integration of various devices and appliance to the internet.

Understand the features and limitation of embedded systems and technologies, and the possibilities of various sensors and its limitations.

Working of various software and programming languages used for developing responsive behaviours and analysing data pattern.
The training also focuses on the various protocols and security measure to be incorporated when setting up IOT across various physical devices.

IOT training program can be picked up by anyone with sound programming background, testing and system admin experience. The course is applicable to:
1. Engineer Graduates
2. Working IT professional from programming, web development and DBA fields
3. Business Analyst
4. System Administrators
IOT is changing the way humans interact with physical devices and appliances in the future. These devices are all getting connected and interconnected sharing and receiving information. Gartner has predicted that more than 20.4 billion IOT devices will be connected and communicating with the internet by 2020. Excellent career opportunities awaits engineer moving to the IOT space. From development on sensors to communication chips and other hardware applications, data management and cloud processing and security support, a vast array of opportunities awaits the right candidate. Quality Thought understand this potential and has developed one the best and most comprehensive IOT training program to he our students to learn, excel and achieve their career goals.
IOT and its associated programming are for people with sound engineering background. You need to have good programming skills and have sound understanding of Data management and processing and analysis. Prior experience as DBA, exposure to web development programming and other core programming is an added advantage.

IOT Course Curriculum

Duration: 45 Days

  • IoT Key Features
  • IoT − Advantages
  • IoT − Disadvantages& How to overcome them during the design
  • IoT Implementations
  • Real time Scenarios
  • Demo of real time project with Heart Sensor.

  • Sensors
    • Analog Sensors with examples
    • Digital Sensors with examples
    • Actuators with examples

  • Key Features & Differences.
  • How to choose between processor & a controller’s
    • Arduino Uno & Pinout
    • Arduino Nano & Pinout
    • Arduino Mega & Pinout
    • ESP8266 & Pinout
    • Node MCU & Pinout
    • AT Tiny & Pinout
    • Raspberry pi & Pinout
    • Orange Pi & Pinout

  • Wires / Bus wires.
  • PCBs general purpose pcbs
  • Custom PCBs using ECAD tools.

  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
    • Introduction to IDEs
    • and download software
    • Features.
    • Baud rate
    • Serial Monitor
    • Serial Plotter
    • Update Boards
    • Update Libraries
    • Debug
    • Introduction with Arduino Boards.
    • Working with Board Managers
    • GPIO.
    • Interfacing sensors with Arduino boards.

  • Programming IOT devices using Arduino C++ , Python , Lua Scripting
  • Basics of Arduino C++ , Python, Lua Scripting
  • Input-Output
  • Reading from the Serial
  • Writing to Serial
  • OOPS Concepts
  • If loops
  • If else loop
  • While loop
  • for loop
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Using OEM libraries.

  • Introduction to IOT Gateways
  • Different types of gateways
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of each of the gateways
  • Choose the right Gateway according to your Requirement

  • Machine to Machine Communication (m2m)
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
    • Types
      • Bluetooth
      • Wi-Fi
      • Radio Frequency (RF Channel)
      • ZigBee
      • Lora WAN
      • NFRC ( Near Field Radio Frequency )

  • Purpose of Cloud
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Cloud Examples
  • AWS – S3 / Lambda
  • Think Speak
  • Spark fun
  • Blynk Mobile App

  • Advantages
    • Privacy
    • Better Security
    • More Options

    • Advanced Networking
    • Webserver
    • Rest Client
  • AMQP – Azure IoT SDK
    • Usage of AMQP for Microsoft Azure cloud
    • Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Best Practices and Usages of AMQP
  • MQTT – Mosquito MQTT
    • Usage of MQTT for transporting Data to Cloud
    • Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Best Practices and Usages of MQTT
  • CoAP
    • Usage of CoAP protocol
    • Advantages & Disadvantages
    • Best Practices and usage

  • Authentication
    • Overview of Authentication
    • Why it is needed
    • Different ways of authentication
    • Testing them with Bruteforce tools
    • Examples
    • Implementation on IOT devices
  • Remote Debug
    • Remote Connectivity of IOT Device
    • Retrieving debug logs for error codes
    • Include in Remote Code in IOT Devices
  • Encryption
    • Types of Encryption
    • Simple and Best Usage
    • Examples
  • Privacy
    • overview of privacy
    • how it is being implemented
    • Publishing Data over Cloud
    • Examples
  • Authorization
    • Overview
    • How is it is implemented in IOT and Cloud
    • Implementations examples
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade
    • Why is Firmware Upgrade is needed
    • Over The Air Upgrade
    • Manual and Automatic Upgrade
    • Examples.

  • Requirement Documents
  • Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Development
  • Testing of IOT Devices.
  • Test Cases
  • Build & Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Trouble Shooting

    • Engineering,
    • Industry, and
    • Infrastructure
    • Government and Safety
    • Home and Office
    • Health and Medicine




        Quality Thought’s IOT Certification Process:

        • Quality Thought will provide a certificate to the students who successfully completed their IOT training. The certification will be provided within one week of the training completion.
        • The certification will be given to the students who have successfully completed their projects and assignments on time.

        Frequently asked questions

        Students can benefit from our State of the art lab infrastructure facilities at all our training centers across the city. Our lab facilities are available through the day on all working days. For our online students, they can connect to our servers and other lab facilities over the internet and practice. These facilities are available 24X7.
        If the student misses out of attending any session, he or she can re-attend the session by:
        1. Attending the same session in another batch if student is attending classroom based session.
        2. For online sessions, recording of the classes can be accessed by the student at all time to help revisit and listen the sessions missed out.
        All our trainer are real-time industry experts with minimum of 10+ years of experience. Complete profiles of our trainers are available for review at our center and students are free to come interact with them and know more about them, before enrolling for programs.
        All training programs conducted by Quality Thought are available in 3 modes, instructor based classroom programs, instructor based live online training and self-paced video based training. Students can choose
        All discounts are subject to case-to-case basis. Please feel free to meet our administration staff to have a better discussion on the same. We do offer a variety of discounts and concession to our students coming in from different backgrounds.

        For all corporate training requirements please feel free to get in touch with our administration staff managing corporate marketing and interaction. We have of the finest programs and offer to corporate with best-in-class programs.

        IOT Training Reviews

        Attended IOT training program with Quality Thought in August. The faculty helped a lot in understanding this cutting-edge technology better and gave good assignments.
        Rohit katri

        Quality Thoughts is the best institute in town for learning any of the latest technology
        courses. Attended IOT training recently and I’m very satisfied with it.

        Did IOT online training program recently and it was excellent. Thanks to Quality Thoughts
        and its faculties I had a great learning experience and some good practical examples.

        I utilized the Placement assistance program from Quality Thoughts after completing my IOT
        training program and got placed in a leading MNC.

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