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Why Data Science Is A Booming Career

Why Data Science Is a Booming Career

Unleashing the Power of Data Science When it comes to hot careers that not only makes tons of money but grows substantially, what is better than data science? Yes, data science is a high demand career and one of the highest paid fields. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, SAP, Microsoft and many more such companies are heavily dependent on data science.

How Does Data Science Help Companies?

Companies depend on crucial data in making all kinds of decisions. I am sure you know of this quite well, but since the structured and unstructured data is being handled by computers, it not only makes the process easy and simple, but also, increases the accuracy in getting the data and turning into information. A few decades ago, the working population used various software such as Excel, Google Sheets, Zoho Sheet and more to manually enter the data and then create a report. This was indeed a tedious task which not only took their unnecessary time but also, there was a risk of inaccuracy.

Data science is solely involved in using algorithms and other scientific means in processing to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. It simplifies statistics, data analysis and machine learning. Hence, actual phenomenon is analyzed!

Harvard Business Review called data science as “The Sexiest Job in the 21st Century”. Data science has advanced and addictive tech tools like Google Analytics which can be used for marketing, Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) to make the driven information into useful insights and analytical tool to filter thoroughly in driving in-depth insights. For example, Amazon uses data science to its advantage in order to understand their customers’ behaviors. Basically, it predicts what a customer may buy, and it increases the product’s or products’ visibility. These particular product or products’ whose visibility increased if bought, comes under the category “Same Day Delivery”. Another example, Netflix too understands its customers’ preferences and recommends TV shows, movies accordingly.

Career in Data Science

India is a land of many opportunities. With the increase in demand for analytics and data science ecosystem found especially in India, job openings have mushroomed by 6% in the world. In India alone, an individual can earn up to 6 Lakhs per annum and eventually increasing to 10 and more with experience.

What Makes You an Ideal Candidate for Data Science Job?

If you are looking forward to work in this field, here are the top qualities required by the companies.

Education Qualification: Having a master’s degree in science in computer science, engineering, math, statistics would be a great benefit.

Programming Knowledge:
Someone with knowledge in statistical packages such as SAS, SPSS and programming knowledge such as Python and R can also be a great beneficial to his/her career.

Work Experience in Big Data:
A working professional experienced in working with Big Data has a higher possibility to get a high paying job in this field in comparison with analytics professionals.


In conclusion, data science is a great opportunity to enhance your skills, get experience in data analytics and at the same time, get a handsome pay. Note, data science may have great opportunities due to high demand but unfortunately, the supply is low due to less data scientists.

If you want to be a data scientist, the time is now! Being a data scientist, you are surely to get great experience as time goes by and get better opportunities at top corporate companies. The best part, you can have great opportunities in America, Canada, Australia and Singapore.


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