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Dates: 26, 27-8-2023   Time: 10:00 am To 5:00 pm  Venue: Online/Offline

About Workshop

Our Agile workshop aims to assist students to learn about and apply Agile methodologies and principles. The goal of this Agile workshop is to provide participants with hands-on experience in Agile practices and to help them understand the values and principles that underlie Agile.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are interested in learning about Agile methodologies, its principles and how to apply them.

Key Points to be Covered

1. Introduction to Agile, its values and principles.
2. Summary of famous Agile methodologies like Scrum and JIRA.
3. Learning about Agile ceremonies like sprint planning, daily stand-up, sprint review, and sprint retrospective.
4. How to approach continuous improvement and adapt to change in an Agile environment.

Meet Our Agile Workshop Expert

Over the years, his primary objective has been to establish companies with a focus on next-generation technology and to create platforms for the future generation to profit from, as well as to create new-age solutions for the welfare of society.


(Scrum Master | Agile Coach | Automation Using Robotics And AI)

Mr. Ramana began his career in the information technology space over a decade ago and has been closely associated with the various innovations and advancements that have occurred in the industry over the years. Throughout his lengthy career in the IT industry, he has worked with Satyam Computer and Accenture Consulting. He has been intimately involved in initiatives using several Microsoft Technologies. He has also worked on numerous challenging Microsoft projects.

He now spends most of his time educating and mentoring young minds on a variety of emerging-end technologies, as well as delivering corporate training programs. As an Agile Master, he teaches and assists Project Managers in mastering Agile and other similar technologies. JIRA workshops are often conducted by JIRA experts, consultants, or trainers who share their expertise and knowledge about the tool. Mr. Ramana carries an immense knowledge of the same and works as an Agile and Scrum consultant, assisting IT organizations in efficiently implementing agile.

Takeaways From the Workshop

1. At the end of the workshop, you are equipped with an understanding of how to use various Agile tools and techniques to facilitate the Agile process.
2. An understanding of how customer collaboration and feedback is important for project success.
3. Learning the value of responding as quickly as possible to change and consistently improving through iterative sprints.
4. Knowing the value of self-organizing teams and how clear communication is important in achieving project goals.

About Quality Thought

At Quality Thought we make your every penny count. With a motto to deliver maximum subject knowledge to every single student of ours, Quality Thought has been a pioneer in the IT training industry with over a decade of experience in training and placements. With a team of highly dedicated and motivated staff and faculties, we assure excellent quality and complete satisfaction in each and every training program. Quality Thought is your gateway to a bright future in the IT industry. We have been a market leader in the IT training space since our inception and have been pioneers in introducing brand-new courses, products, and services. With specialization in IOT and Data Science stream, we have set new benchmarks for these programs and are in the process to introduce many more new future-ready programs in the course of time.

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