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Released on 2005 by Apache, Hadoop is a collection of open-source software utilities for big data analytics. Hadoop was developed to work on multiple computers to solve problems involving massive amount of data and computation.

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Released on 2005 by Apache, Hadoop is a collection of open-source software utilities for big data analytics. Hadoop was developed to work on multiple computers to solve problems involving massive amount of data and computation. Using the MapReduce programming model, Hadoop provides a framework of application software and utilities which allows for distributed storage and processing of big data. Big data analytics is today used extensively by wide range of industries to get insight into customer behavior and purchase patterns to help predict future demand and growth driving factors.
Quality Thought offers the best HADOOP development Training program, and we have the finest trainers to drive and deliver our training programs. Our course curriculum has been prepared by trainers with real-time industry experience. Our HADOOP development training program follows a very comprehensive curriculum with emphasis on real-time case studies and assignments. The primary objective of the Hadoop training program is to help students and working professionals learn and master this latest technology which is of great demand in the market today.
Understand Distributed File-systems. The program focuses on helping students mastering the elementary concepts and architecture of the system. Distributed file system allow data storage across multiple system over a linked network. Access and processing them in tandem is one of the key activities of Hadoop development.

MapReduce and Hadoop Common are other important skills to be master by the Hadoop developer. Our training focuses on providing details and in-depth understanding of these concepts with real-time case studies to help students to better understand the concept.

YARN focuses on resource management application and software development, which helps the Hadoop applications to store data and run analytical applications.

Apart for these fundamental hadoop development concepts, the training also focuses on a multitude of new libraries, frameworks and utilities that has been introduced into Hadoop over the years. These additions have helped enhance the overall functionalities of the software.

Hadoop development training program can be picked up by anyone with sound programming background; experience in Java programming is beneficial as java is the core programming language used by Apache for development of Hadoop. The course is applicable to:

Engineer Graduates
Working IT professional from programming, web development and DBA fields
Software programmers
JAVA developers

Hadoop development is listed as one of the top skill in demand over the next decade. As organizations are increasing their focus on big data analytics, there is constant and ever increasing need for great Hadoop developer who can help design and build utilities and application frameworks for their specific needs. As a hot skill technology the pay package are very attractive and will retain upward momentum in the coming years. Hadoop programming help accelerate your career allowing application developers especially from Java background to move forward into new growth areas.

Hadoop development programming is for people with Java background. You need to have good programming skills and have sound understanding of Data management and processing and analysis. People from non-JAVA background with a flair for understanding programming and Data management can also get into this program.

Hadoop Development Course Curriculum

Duration: 30 Days

  • Introduction to Big Data & Big Data Challenges
  • Limitations & Solutions of Big Data Architecture
  • Hadoop & its Features
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Hadoop 2.x Core Components
  • Hadoop Storage: HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • Hadoop Processing: MapReduce Framework
  • Different Hadoop Distributions

  • Core components of Hadoop
  • Understanding Hadoop Master-Slave Architecture
  • Learn about Name Node, Data Node, Secondary Node
  • HDFS Architecture
  • HDFS Blocks
  • HDFS Replication
  • Load balancing
  • Heart beat mechanism
  • HDFS Write flow
  • HDFS Read flow
  • MapReduce Architecture Flow
  • Job Tracker and Task Tracker
  • Hadoop 2.x Cluster Architecture
  • Federation and High Availability Architecture
  • Hadoop Cluster Modes
  • Common Hadoop Shell Commands
  • Hadoop 2.x Configuration Files
  • Single Node Cluster & Multi-Node Cluster set up

  • Traditional way vs MapReduce way
  • Why MapReduce
  • Overview of the MapReduce Framework
  • Use cases of MapReduce

  • Introduction to Apache Pig
  • MapReduce vs Pig

  • What is Hive
  • Hive vs Pig
  • Hive Architecture & Components
  • Difference between Hive and RDBMS
  • Hive Tables (Managed Tables and External Tables)
  • Hive DDL – Create/Show Database
  • Hive DDL – Create/Show/Drop Tables
  • Hive DML – Load Files & Insert Data
  • Hive SQL – Select, Filter, Join, Group By
  • Joins
  • Hive Partition
  • Hive Bucketing
  • Hive Script
  • Hive UDF

  • Sqoop – How Sqoop works
  • Sqoop Architecture
  • Sqoop import
  • Sqoop export
    • Limiting Results
    • Improving Sqoop’s Performance
    • Sqoop job

  • Oozie
  • Oozie Components
  • Oozie Workflow
  • Scheduling Jobs with Oozie Scheduler
  • Demo of Oozie Workflow
  • Oozie Coordinator
  • Oozie Commands
  • Oozie Web Console
  • Oozie for MapReduce


Quality Thought’s Hadoop Development Certification Process:

  • Quality Thought will provide a certificate to the students who successfully completed their Hadoop Development training. The certification will be provided within one week of the training completion.
  • The certification will be given to the students who have successfully completed their projects and assignments on time.

Frequently asked questions

Students can benefit from our State of the art lab infrastructure facilities at all our training centers across the city. Our lab facilities are available through the day on all working days. For our online students, they can connect to our servers and other lab facilities over the internet and practice. These facilities are available 24X7.
If the student misses out of attending any session, he or she can re-attend the session by:
1. Attending the same session in another batch if student is attending classroom based session.
2. For online sessions, recording of the classes can be accessed by the student at all time to help revisit and listen the sessions missed out.
All our trainer are real-time industry experts with minimum of 10+ years of experience. Complete profiles of our trainers are available for review at our center and students are free to come interact with them and know more about them, before enrolling for programs.
All training programs conducted by Quality Thought are available in 3 modes, instructor based classroom programs, instructor based live online training and self-paced video based training. Students can choose
All discounts are subject to case-to-case basis. Please feel free to meet our administration staff to have a better discussion on the same. We do offer a variety of discounts and concession to our students coming in from different backgrounds.
For all corporate training requirements please feel free to get in touch with our administration staff managing corporate marketing and interaction. We have of the finest programs and offer to corporate with best-in-class programs.

Hadoop Development Training Reviews

Nice faculty and excellent lab infrastructure, these are my feedbacks about Quality Thought. Attended HADOOP development at QT and I’m very satisfied.

Took HADOOP development training recently and I’m very happy and satisfied with the quality of training at Quality Thoughts. Excellent trainer good front office staff.

I recently did an online training program on HADOOP development with Quality Thoughts and I’m very satisfied. The trainer was superb and did a good job.

I benefitted from the placement assistance provided by Quality Thoughts. My HADOOP development training helped me secure a job with a leading MNC.

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