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Technology developed to support crypto currency; Blockchain was introduced in 2008 to manage and maintained digital currencies.  Blockchain technology allows data to be maintained over a distributed network which is highly secure and at the same time completely visible.  Blockchain has been described as “Internet of Value”

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All our trainers are real-time industry experts. Quality of training is our primary motto and we ensure each and every program of ours are delivered by the best trainers.

Industry Relevant Curriculum

Course designed keeping in mind the present and future needs of the Industry. All our training programs are constantly updated and tuned to meet Industry requirements.

Real-Time Case Studies

Real-Time case studies and project are mandatory part of our training programs. All the assignments are designed to help students understand practical applications of the learning’s.

Flexible Schedule

With options to join classroom and online batches, you have a wide array of options in terms of batches, timing and duration allowing to you plan your learning, and achieve your carrier goals.

Feedback Management

Continuous feedback and interaction with our student community help us identify concern area and mitigate issue early on ensuring a great learning environment.

State-of-art Lab Infrastructure

Best in class Lab infrastructure to help students work on the latest assignments and project. Practical application of the learning ensures a more satisfied training.


BITCOIN! The new-age digital currency was the outcome of this revolutionary new technology Blockchain. Blockchain technology allows data to be stored in distributed format without being copied at the destination system. Blockchain is today the most innovative and revolutionary technology ruling the internet. The technology is just at its nascent stage of development and has tremendous potential for application across the computing world. We are seeing newer application being launched into the marked every passing day. The technology has even caught the attention of the Government agencies across countries, where it is being used to digitize and maintain social security information data in a secure manner over the internet.
Quality Thought offers the best Blockchain Training program with emphasis on the application and innovation possibilities of Blockchain. As Blockchain is a evolving technology, Quality Thought has put extra focus to ensure the Blockchain curriculum covers all the industry relevant topics and subject. Our course curriculum has been prepared by trainers with real-time industry experience with a lot of emphasis on real-time case studies and assignments. The primary objective of the Blockchain training is to help students and working professionals learn and master this latest technology which is of great demand in the market today.
Decentralization of information and data using blockchain technology. The training program focuses on key skill area like smart contracts, application decentralization, platform decentralization and many our options and frameworks available to manage and process decentralized environments.

Using and managing digital currencies like BITCOIN and other digital currencies is one of the primary learning areas, as Blockchain was initially developed to support and manage digital currencies. Training focuses on crypto currency, its mining, storage and trading using Blockchain technologies.

Maintaining and managing HypeLedgers , working with Ethereum application software for designing and building smart contracts and other internet based applications. Building wallet services and managing digital currencies using the wallet services. The program also focuses on Microsoft Blockchain as service application framework.

Blockchain training program can be picked up by anyone with engineering background with good hands on with programming and internet based application development. The course is applicable to:

Engineer Graduates
Working IT professional from programming, web development and DBA fields
Software programmers
JAVA developers
.NET developers

Blockchain is today the most highly talked about technology, one that offers tremendous professional opportunity. As per Upwork’s skill index, blockchain is the fastest growing skill out of more than 5000 on the site. The demand of the Blockchain technology professional is far outpacing the supply.

With organization recognizing the importance of distributive data management and better security over internet for multitude of its application solutions, need for better and effective technology professional skilled with latest blockchain programming skills has been on a upward swing.

Blockchain is for people with programming or system admin background. You need to have good programming skills and have sound understanding of Data management and processing and analysis. People from non-programming background with a flair for understanding programming and Data management can also get into this program.

Blockchain Course Curriculum

Blockchain Basics

Duration: 45 Hours

  • Distributed Systems
  • The history of blockchain
  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Types of blockchain
  • CAP theorem and blockchain
  • Benefits and limitations of blockchain

  • Decentralization using blockchain
  • Methods of decentralization
  • Routes to decentralization
  • Blockchain and full ecosystem decentralization
  • Smart contract
  • Decentralized organizations
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations
  • Decentralized autonomous corporations
  • Decentralized autonomous societies
  • Decentralized applications
  • Platforms for decentralization

  • Introduction
  • Cryptographic primitives
  • Asymmetric cryptography
  • Public and private keys
  • Financial markets and trading

  • What is a DApp?
  • Decentralized autonomous organization
  • User identity in DApps
  • User accounts in DApps
  • Accessing the centralized apps
  • Internal currency in DApps
  • What are permissioned DApps?
  • Popular DApps

Bitcoin and Alternative Coins (1,2 week)

  • Bitcoin definition
  • Transactions
    • The transaction lifecycle
    • The transaction structure
    • Types of Transaction
  • Blockchain
    • Structure of block & block header
    • The genesis block
    • The bitcoin network
    • Wallets
  • Bitcoin Payments
    • Bitcoin investment and buying and selling bitcoins
    • Bitcoin installation
    • Bitcoin programming and the command-line interface
    • Bitcoin improvement proposals (BIPs)

  • Theoretical foundations
  • Bitcoin limitations
  • Namecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Primecoin
  • Zcash

Smart Contracts &Ethereum 101 (3 week)

  • History
  • Definition
  • Ricardian contracts

  • Ethereumblockchain
  • Elements of the Ethereumblockchain
  • Precompiled contracts
  • Accounts
  • Block
  • Ether
  • Messages
  • Mining
  • Clients and wallets
  • Trading and investment
  • The yellow paper
  • The Ethereum network
  • Applications developed on Ethereum
  • Scalability and security issues

  • Ethereum accounts
  • Transactions
  • Consensus
  • Timestamp
  • Nonce
  • Block time
  • Forking
  • Genesis block
  • Ether denominations
  • Ethereum virtual machine
  • Gas
  • Peer discovery
  • Whisper and Swarm
  • Geth
  • Ethereum Wallet
  • Mist
  • Weaknesses
  • Serenity

Ethereum Development (4 Week)

  • Setting up a development environment
  • Development tools and clients
  • Introducing solidity
  • Introducing Web3

  • Solidity source files
  • The structure of a smart contract
  • Data location
  • What are the different data types?
  • Control structures
  • Creating contracts using the new operator
  • Exceptions
  • External function calls
  • Features of contracts
  • Libraries
  • Returning multiple values
  • Importing other Solidity source files
  • Globally available variables
  • Ether units
  • Proof of existence, integrity, and ownership contract
  • Compiling and deploying contracts

  • Introduction to web3.js
  • Building a client for an ownership contract

Implementations/Projects (5 Week)

  • Difference between online and offline wallets
  • hooked-web3-provider and ethereumjs-tx libraries
  • What is a hierarchical deterministic wallet?
  • Introduction to key derivation functions
  • Introduction to LightWallet
  • Building a wallet service

  • Calculating a transaction’s nonce
  • Introducing solcjs
  • Building a contract deployment platform

  • Introduction to Oraclize
  • Working with strings
  • Building the betting contract
  • Building a client for the betting contract

  • Exploring ethereumjs-testrpc
  • What are event topics?
  • Getting started with truffle-contract
  • Introduction to truffle

  • What is a consortium blockchain?
  • What is Proof-of-Authority consensus?
  • Introduction to parity

  • Creating the ethereum block chain in Azure
  • Deploying an Dapp

Hyperledger and other Blockchains (6,7 Week)

  • Projects
  • Hyperledger as a protocol
  • Fabric
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Sawtooth lake
  • Corda

  • Introduction to Hyperledger and Hyperledger fabric
  • Architecture
  • Components
  • Features
  • How hyperledger fabric works?

  • What is Chaincode
  • Dev Environment
  • Structure of chaincode
  • Data models
  • Storing and retrieving data
  • Access control and permissions
  • Events & logging
  • Chaincode lifecycle
  • Packaging
  • System Chaincode
  • Build and start the chaincode

  • Deploy your network
  • Write Chaincode
  • Write client apps
  • Monitor network

  • Blockchains
  • Platforms

  • Internet of Things
  • Government
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Media

  • Scalability
  • Privacy
  • Security


Quality Thought’s Blockchain Certification Process:

  • Quality Thought will provide a certificate to the students who successfully completed their Blockchain training. The certification will be provided within one week of the training completion.
  • The certification will be given to the students who have successfully completed their projects and assignments on time.

Frequently asked questions

Students can benefit from our State of the art lab infrastructure facilities at all our training centers across the city. Our lab facilities are available through the day on all working days. For our online students, they can connect to our servers and other lab facilities over the internet and practice. These facilities are available 24X7.
If the student misses out of attending any session, he or she can re-attend the session by:
1. Attending the same session in another batch if student is attending classroom based session.
2. For online sessions, recording of the classes can be accessed by the student at all time to help revisit and listen the sessions missed out.
All our trainer are real-time industry experts with minimum of 10+ years of experience. Complete profiles of our trainers are available for review at our center and students are free to come interact with them and know more about them, before enrolling for programs.
All training programs conducted by Quality Thought are available in 3 modes, instructor based classroom programs, instructor based live online training and self-paced video based training. Students can choose
All discounts are subject to case-to-case basis. Please feel free to meet our administration staff to have a better discussion on the same. We do offer a variety of discounts and concession to our students coming in from different backgrounds.

For all corporate training requirements please feel free to get in touch with our administration staff managing corporate marketing and interaction. We have of the finest programs and offer to corporate with best-in-class programs.

Blockchain Training Reviews

Attended BlockChain training program with Quality Thought in September. Nice, really nice. The faculty helped a lot in understanding this cutting-edge technology better.

Quality Thoughts is the best institute in town for learning any of the latest technology courses. Attended BlockChain training recently and I’m very satisfied with it.

I never thought learning Block Chain technology will be so easy and comfortable. Thanks to Quality Thoughts and its faculties I had a great learning experience.

I utilized the Placement assistance program from Quality Thoughts after completing my BlockChain training program and got placed in a leading MNC.

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