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About CEO

Step into the world of software training guided by the insights of an industry luminary, Ramana Bhupathi. With a career spanning over a decade and a half in the dynamic Information Technology sector, Mr. Bhupathi brings a wealth of experience and expertise that has shaped the course of modern software development.
Mr. Bhupathi’sjourney commenced at the forefront of technological innovation, with pivotal roles at Satyam Computer and Accenture Consulting. His hands-on involvement in diverse projects, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and agile development methodologies, set the stage for his profound insights into the digital realm.
Notably, his proficiency in executing projects on Microsoft Technologies became a hallmark of his career, reflecting his adaptability and commitment to staying at the vanguard of change. A witness to the seismic shifts within the software development landscape, Ramana Bhupathi is resolute in his belief that the forthcoming decade will usher in even more rapid transformations. In his astute perspective, the IT workforce must embrace a culture of perpetual upskilling and reskilling to navigate this era of accelerated change.
Mr. Bhupathi’s journey is characterized by a passion for cultivating enterprises rooted in emerging technologies. His endeavors have been focused on crafting platforms that not only resonate with the needs of today but also create a positive societal impact. His affinity for startups, each driven by a dedication to scalable solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, underscores his commitment to innovation.
Beyond the boardroom, Mr. Bhupathi’s impact extends to the realm of education. His mentorship has illuminated the path for over 10,000 students and professionals, steering them toward lucrative careers in technology. With an unwavering calling to guide future tech talent, he embraced his true purpose, transitioning from the corridors of corporate leadership to the forefront of education. Today, his energy is channeled into honing the skills of young minds, immersing them in the nuances of new-age technologies through comprehensive training and impactful corporate programs.
Join us on an enlightening journey through the pages of this book, as Ramana Bhupathi’s profound insights and guidance illuminate the ever-evolving landscape of Information Technology. His wisdom serves as a beacon for both novices and seasoned professionals, reminding us all that in the midst of change lies unparalleled opportunity.
Within our institute’s leadership resides a group of engineering pioneers. Known for their dedication, they surpass norms, leaving an enduring imprint as top educators in Telangana. Their influence stretches far beyond traditional teaching spaces, reaching into the realms of innovation. With unwavering commitment and tireless pursuit of excellence, they shape the future software learning. Their remarkable legacy echoe through the corridors of educational excellence, showcasing their unparalleled contribution to the field.

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