Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad

Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad

Trainer Name Dinesh Reddyvary
Trainer Experience 15+years
Next Batch Date 19-01-2023 (8:00pm)
Training Mode Online Training (Intructor Led)
Course Duration Online Training (Intructor Led)
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Quality Thought is one of the Best Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad by offering excellent Scrum Master course online and Offline.  Quality Thought CSM certification in Hyderabad is a great way to start in Agile Project Management. The Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad offers a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum framework, empowering you to proficiently manage Agile Project Management responsibilities. The Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad is taught by experts and covers guidelines for important issues to increase your game significantly. Students who attend this CSM training in Hyderabad gain insightful knowledge that opens wide career opportunities in several business domains. Obtain the Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad course and become a certified scrum master.

  1. 45 days Intensive + Internship Training Program
  2. 8 Hours Per Day
  3. Hands-on Training on Tools Like JIRA
  4. Knowledge of AGILE
  5.   SCRUM Certification (PSM-1)

KEY FEATURES OF Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad: ​

  1. Real-Time Experts as Trainers
  2. LIVE Project
  3. Certification
  4. Affordable Fees
  5. Flexibility
  6. Placement Support
  7. Feedback Management
  8. State of art lab infrastructure

Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad Modes at our Institute:

At our institute, we offer various modes of Scrum Master training to cater to different learning preferences and schedules. Whether you prefer a classroom setting or online learning, we have options to suit your needs. Here are the training modes we provide:

*Scrum Master Classroom Training: Our classroom training provides a traditional in-person learning experience. Led by experienced trainers, these sessions offer interactive discussions, hands-on exercises, and opportunities for networking with fellow participants. The classroom environment promotes collaboration and immediate feedback, enhancing the learning process.

*Scrum Master Course Online: For those who prefer the flexibility of online learning, we offer live virtual training sessions. Through video conferencing platforms, participants can join interactive training sessions from anywhere. Live virtual training provides real-time engagement with instructors, group activities, and Q&A sessions, ensuring an immersive learning experience.

Course Highlights and Why Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad at Quality Thought?

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our Scrum Master course at Quality Thought covers all essential aspects of Scrum and Agile project management. From understanding the Scrum framework and roles to mastering Agile practices, our curriculum is designed to provide a holistic and in-depth learning experience. 

  2. Experienced Instructors: Our course is led by industry-experienced instructors. They bring their practical knowledge and real-world insights into the classroom, ensuring that you receive relevant and up-to-date information.

  3. Interactive Training Approach: We believe in active learning and engagement. Our training sessions are highly interactive, incorporating group activities, discussions, case studies, and simulations. This hands-on approach enables you to apply Scrum principles and techniques in real-life scenarios. 

  4. Practical Assignments: Throughout the course, you will be given practical assignments that help reinforce your understanding of Scrum concepts and practices. These assignments provide valuable hands-on experience and prepare you for real-world implementation. 

  5. Industry-Relevant Examples: Our instructors use industry-relevant examples and case studies to illustrate the application of Scrum in different contexts. You will gain insights into how Scrum is successfully implemented in various industries, enhancing your ability to adapt Scrum principles to different projects. 

  6. Agile Tools and Techniques: As part of the course, you will learn about popular Agile tools and techniques that support Scrum implementation. This includes Agile project management software, collaborative tools, and Agile frameworks beyond Scrum, such as Kanban and Lean.

  7. ScrumMaster Role Play: We provide opportunities for role-playing exercises where you can practice the ScrumMaster role in a simulated environment. This hands-on experience allows you to develop the necessary skills in facilitation, team management, conflict resolution, and effective communication. 

  8. Exam Preparation: Our course is designed to prepare you for the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification exam. We offer guidance on exam content, and question formats, and provide practice quizzes to help you familiarize yourself with the exam structure and build confidence for success.

  9. Post-Training Support: Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the course. We provide post-training support to clarify doubts, assist with practical implementation challenges, and offer guidance on applying Scrum in your specific work environment.

  10. Networking Opportunities: Quality Thought fosters a collaborative learning environment where you can connect with like-minded professionals interested in Agile and Scrum. Networking opportunities during the course can lead to valuable industry connections and potential collaboration in the future.

Benefits of Scrum Master Certification Training IN HYDERABAD

Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad offers numerous benefits to individuals and organizations seeking to adopt Agile methodologies and improve their project management practices. Here are some key advantages of pursuing Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad: 

  1. In-depth Knowledge

    Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad provides a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum framework, Agile principles, and best practices. Participants gain in-depth knowledge of Scrum roles, events, artifacts, and the overall project management process, enabling them to effectively apply Scrum in their projects.

  2. Enhanced Career Opportunities

    Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad is highly recognized and sought after by employers globally. Holding a Scrum Master certification demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and your proficiency in Agile project management. It can open doors to new career opportunities and increase your employability in organizations that embrace Agile methodologies.

  3. Improved Project Success

    Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad equips individuals with the skills to guide teams and drive project success. Certified Scrum Masters understand how to facilitate collaboration, manage Agile processes, and identify and address obstacles that may hinder project progress. This leads to improved project outcomes, increased productivity, and enhanced team performance. 

  4. Effective Agile Leadership

    Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad  focuses on developing effective leadership skills. Certified Scrum Masters learn to foster a culture of collaboration, facilitate team dynamics, and promote self-organization. These leadership qualities enable Scrum Masters to guide their teams towards high performance and foster a positive and productive work environment.

  5. Increased Stakeholder Satisfaction

    Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad emphasizes customer satisfaction and delivering value to stakeholders. Certified Scrum Masters learn how to prioritize and address stakeholder needs, manage expectations, and ensure timely and quality product delivery. By applying Scrum practices, organizations can achieve higher levels of stakeholder satisfaction and build strong customer relationships. 

  6. Continuous Improvement

    Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad  instills a mindset of continuous improvement. Certified Scrum Masters understand the importance of inspecting and adapting processes to enhance project outcomes. They facilitate retrospectives and implement changes that lead to iterative improvements, increased efficiency, and higher-quality deliverables. 

  7. Effective Collaboration

    Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad emphasizes effective communication and collaboration within cross-functional teams. Certified Scrum Masters learn facilitation techniques, conflict resolution strategies, and how to create a culture of openness and transparency. These skills foster better collaboration, teamwork, and shared accountability, leading to smoother project execution. 

  8. Risk Mitigation

    Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad equips individuals with the skills to identify and mitigate risks early in the project lifecycle. Certified Scrum Masters facilitate risk identification sessions, implement risk mitigation strategies, and promote a proactive approach to managing uncertainties. This leads to better risk management and increased project success rates. 

By pursuingScrum Master certification training in Hyderabad, individuals can gain the knowledge, skills, and recognition needed to drive Agile transformation and lead successful Scrum teams. It offers career advancement opportunities, improved project outcomes, and the ability to create a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement within organizations.

Prerequisites of Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad:

To enroll in Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad there are generally no strict prerequisites. However, having a basic understanding of Agile principles and familiarity with project management concepts can be beneficial. While not mandatory, these prerequisites can enhance your learning experience during the training. Here are some suggested prerequisites for Scrum Master training: 

  1. Familiarity with Agile: Having a basic understanding of Agile principles and methodologies is helpful. Familiarize yourself with Agile concepts such as iterative development, self-organization, and customer collaboration. This foundation will allow you to grasp the Scrum framework more effectively. 

  2. Project Management Knowledge: Some knowledge of project management concepts, such as project scope, time management, and stakeholder management, can be advantageous. While Scrum Master training covers project management aspects, having a basic understanding of traditional project management practices can help you relate them to Agile project management. 

  3. Professional Experience: While not mandatory, having professional experience in software development, IT, or project management can provide practical context to the Scrum Master training. Real-world experience allows you to relate the training content to your own work environment and challenges, making the learning more meaningful.

  4. Open Mindset: Scrum Master training emphasizes a mindset shift towards Agile and Scrum principles. It is essential to approach the training with an open mind, willing to challenge traditional practices and embrace Agile values. Having an open mindset enables you to fully grasp the concepts and adapt them to your specific work context.

  5. Commitment to Learning: Scrum Master training requires commitment and active participation. Come prepared to engage in discussions, participate in group activities, and collaborate with fellow participants. A commitment to learning and actively applying the concepts during the training will enhance your understanding and ensure a more enriching experience. 

  6. It’s important to note that these prerequisites are not strict requirements and should not discourage individuals who are new to Agile or project management. Scrum Master training is designed to accommodate participants from various backgrounds and skill levels. Trainers often provide a comprehensive overview of Agile and Scrum principles, making the training accessible to beginners as well. 

Regardless of your prerequisites, the most important factor is your willingness to learn, embrace Agile principles, and apply Scrum practices effectively. Scrum Master training in Hyderabad will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel as a Scrum Master, regardless of your prior experience.

Job Opportunities After Completing Scrum Master Certification Training in Hyderabad:

Completing Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad opens up a plethora of job opportunities in various industries. As organizations increasingly adopt Agile methodologies, the demand for certified Scrum Masters continues to grow. Here are some job roles and opportunities you can explore after completing Scrum Master certification training: 

  1. Scrum Master: The most obvious role is that of a Scrum Master. As a certified Scrum Master, you can take up this key role in Agile teams and be responsible for facilitating the Scrum process, ensuring adherence to Agile principles, and guiding the team towards project success. 

  2. Agile Project Manager: With your Scrum Master certification, you can also pursue roles as an Agile Project Manager. In this role, you oversee and manage Agile projects, applying Scrum practices and ensuring effective collaboration among team members. 

  3. Agile Coach: As an Agile Coach, you provide guidance and mentorship to organizations transitioning to Agile methodologies. Your expertise as a certified Scrum Master allows you to coach teams, leaders, and stakeholders in Agile practices, fostering an Agile mindset across the organization. 

  4. Product Owner: Scrum Masters often transition into Product Owner roles. With your understanding of Scrum principles, you can effectively prioritize and manage product backlogs, ensuring that customer requirements are translated into valuable and deliverable features. 

  5. Agile Consultant: Your Scrum Master certification opens doors to consulting opportunities. As an Agile Consultant, you can work with organizations to implement Agile methodologies, train teams, and provide expert guidance on Agile project management practices. 

  6. Project Lead/Manager: Scrum Master certification equips you with the skills to lead and manage projects effectively. You can take on roles as a Project Lead or Project Manager, applying Agile and Scrum principles to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with high quality. 

  7. Agile Transformation Lead: Organizations looking to undergo Agile transformations seek professionals who can lead the transition. With your Scrum Master certification, you can take up roles as an Agile Transformation Lead, guiding organizations through the change process and helping them embrace Agile values and practices. 

  8. Quality Assurance (QA) Lead: As a certified Scrum Master, you can specialize in quality assurance within Agile projects. Your understanding of Scrum practices and collaboration with development teams enable you to ensure quality deliverables and drive continuous improvement in QA processes. 

These are just a few examples of the job opportunities available after completing Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad. The certification enhances your credibility, demonstrates your expertise in Agile methodologies, and makes you an attractive candidate for organizations seeking professionals skilled in Agile project management.

Meet Our Mentor

Ramana Bhupathi or Ramana Sir as he is fondly known as in the student community has more than 17+ years of experience in the IT industry, of which 14+ years has been in the training and coaching fresh and graduates and professional from IT organization working in various roles and domains like Product Development, marketing, Manufacturing, Energy etc, and also been helping clients with leading technologies and innovation ways of working to improve Agility. Apart from this he has run consulting businesses, started his own business, led IT Organizations, built Agile Startups in Artificial Intelligence.

 Ramana’s Skill have been Agile Transformation, Product Life Cycle, Project Management & Development in domains like Financial Services, Insurance, Trading, Risk management & E-learning. 

As an Enterprise Agile Coach: 

  1. Training executives, program managers, and teams in agile frameworks including SAFe, Scrum, and Kanban. 
  2. Providing strategy and operational coaching for teams and management. 
  3. As a Subject matter expert on Agile frameworks and processes 
  4. Providing instruction and training to teams in the area of Agile Principles, frameworks, and values. 
  5. Providing process direction to executives and management. PMO, and others as required for enterprise transformation. 
  6. Facilitate team and organizational events and meetings as required such as PI Planning and Sprint planning, retrospectives, etc.

Testimonials for Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad at Quality Thought:

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I recently participated in the Scrum Master training at Quality Thought in Hyderabad, and I must say it was a remarkable learning opportunity. The training was well-structured, and Ramana Sir, our trainer, was exceptional. His deep knowledge of Agile and Scrum, combined with his practical insights, made the training sessions engaging and informative. I gained a solid understanding of Scrum principles and techniques, and I now feel confident in my ability to apply them in real-world scenarios. I highly recommend Quality Thought and Ramana Sir for Scrum Master training."
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"Quality Thought provided me with an outstanding Scrum Master training program in Hyderabad. Ramana Sir's expertise and teaching style made the sessions truly enlightening. He encouraged active participation and created a collaborative learning environment. The training material was comprehensive, and the practical exercises and case studies helped me grasp the concepts effectively. I feel well-prepared for my role as a Scrum Master, thanks to the excellent training provided by Quality Thought and Ramana Sir."
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"I had the opportunity to attend Scrum Master training at Quality Thought in Hyderabad, and it was a game-changer for my career. Ramana Sir's in-depth knowledge and passion for Scrum were evident throughout the training. His ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner was impressive. The hands-on exercises and real-life examples helped me connect theory with practice. I highly recommend Quality Thought for Scrum Master training, and I'm grateful to Ramana Sir for his guidance and expertise."
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"Quality Thought conducted an outstanding Scrum Master training program in Hyderabad. Ramana Sir's teaching style was dynamic and interactive, making the sessions highly engaging. His practical insights and real-world examples brought the concepts to life and helped me understand the nuances of being a Scrum Master. The training provided a perfect balance of theory and practical application. I left the program feeling confident and well-equipped to take on the role of a Scrum Master. Thank you, Quality Thought, and Ramana Sir, for the incredible training experience."

Scrum Master certification training in Hyderabad FAQ

PSM-1 costs around INR 11,500/-, CSM costs around INR 25,000/- and IAB costs around INR 10,000

Increasing order of difficulty – SFC, IAB, CSM, PSM-1

Yes. It adds value in terms of knowledge, understanding current market trends and interacting within the agile community.

IAB, CSM PSM-1 are recognized in India

SFC is free of cost for foundation certification.

SAFe Scrum Master training is provided by certified SPC or SPCT. Attending 16 hours of training followed by validation exam is mandatory for SAFe Scrum Master

Knowledge of Scrum Master Certification is free with most Certification providers like and Scaled Agile.

For a 7+ year experienced Scrum Master the salary ranges from 10 LPA – 15 LPA

Both are easily important, PSM has life time validity, CSM has two year validity

The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification issued by the Scrum Alliance is valid for two years. After the initial two-year period, CSM certification holders are required to renew their certification to maintain their status as a Certified ScrumMaster.

Yes. It adds value to the profile and improves our Scrum Master knowledge

Mid-level companies and organizations that are in the process of Agile transformation.

Yes. It has a bright future due to the adoption of Agile by various organizations.

Curriculum is similar covering the core concepts of Agile and Scrum, certification providers are different – Scrum Alliance and respectively.

PSM-1 costs around INR 11,500/-, CSM costs around INR 25,000/- and IAB costs around INR 10,000

Increasing order of difficulty – SFC, IAB, CSM, PSM-1

Knowledge of Scrum Master Certification is free with most Certification providers like and Scaled Agile.